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The Complete Guidance to Transportation and Warehousing Services


As the world becomes more globalized, people are relying on transportation services to move goods from one place to another. This is an industry that has been around for a long time and will continue to grow as globalization progresses.

Transportation services allow communication and trading between two parties. Trucking transportation has been updated with many new technologies and much new infrastructure.

The kind of Trucking transportation would depend upon the type of the cargo. There are many trucking services available to transport several kinds of goods.

Let’s discuss the kinds of trucking transportation and what it is designed for:

DRY VAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Dry Van transportation is often a form of freight transportation that is characterized by being fast and efficient. A dry van is any freight-carrying truck or trailer that does not use a liquid or gas for cooling or refrigeration. Dry vans can carry a variety of different items including furniture, electronics, food products, and clothing among many other types of goods.


HEATED VAN: These are trucking services that are ideal for Temperature-sensitive products. The service provider will carefully manage the temperature according to the requirements of the cargo. OTT offers customized solutions for every cargo, which are tailored to custom temperature needs.

LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD: Less than Truckload (LTL) is a freight transportation service where the shipper sends small, less-than-truckload amounts of freight to a nearby destination. The amount being transported is measured in either weight or cubic feet.

FULL THAN TRUCKLOAD: A full truckload service (FTL) is a type of shipping that is used for goods that are to be transported over long distances. This type of shipment is typically cheaper than other types of transportation because the freight carrier does not need to stop and unload the shipment in between destinations.

These are trucking transportation that is supported by several warehousing services. OTT trucking provides warehousing services that can better satisfy you in transporting goods.

What Are Warehousing Services? How does it support Smooth Transportation? 

Warehousing management service is a form of logistics service that is used by companies to store goods before they are used or sold. A warehouse is a place where goods are stored, assembled, labeled, and packaged for further shipment. Warehouse distribution companies are responsible for the safety of the products.

  • Cross-docking: A cross docking warehouse is a type of warehouse that stocks a wide variety of products with minimal handling. Goods will be inbound, then sorted and labeled for outbound shipments to retail chains.
  • Storage, labeling, and Delivery: Goods will be stored carefully. Then they will be sorted and labeled according to the requirements of the client and they will be delivered. Proper documents and records would be maintained during the process.
  • Container De-stuffing: In simple words, it means loading and unloading of the products. While doing so, service providers have to be careful to make harmless loading/unloading.
  • Transloading: While transporting perishable goods, geographical challenges can be the biggest obstacle. Transloading is designed for long-distance transportation that uses more than one mode of transportation.
  • LTL Consolidation: LTL consolidation is a freight forwarding company that consolidates cargo from different sources and sends them to their destination in one order.

How to choose a suitable service or company for your cargo?

Choosing a suitable shipment for your cargo is a cost-effective and time-saving process. Here are some following factors you can consider to figure out the suitable one.

  • Geographical Location: Consider the location from where goods are loaded and where the goods will be transported. If you are transporting goods over a long distance, choosing trans-loading i.e different modes of transportation would be recommended.

Choose the nearest transportation service company to transport the products.

  • Cost of The Services: Considering the fact, the cost is the most important factor that can be the cost structure in making a decision. Go for the service company that provides a transparent and clear financial plan.

Decide the budget and get the quotation from several transportation companies.

  • What Are Your Requirements?: Initially figure out, all your requirements including the type of cargo? What is the distance to transport goods? Deadline to transport the goods etc.

Not only this but also consider what is your expectation from the company i.e reputation of the company, experience to handle the obstacles, networks, respect towards deadlines, customer handling, etc.

  • Technology and Infrastructure: With time, shipments of goods and transportation systems are updated. Make sure to hire a company that has updated technology and modern infrastructure.

For example: now, temperature-sensitive products can be transported via heated or freezing vans.

  • Don’t Ignore the Safety Measures: Safety is important and safety should be the priority. Be careful while choosing a company and consider if they are good at managing safety measures or not.
  • Characteristics and kind of Cargo: The type and nature of the cargo also affect the decision of choosing a transportation service. For example: if you are shipping fixtures, furniture(non-temperature products) dry vans can be suitable options but if you are looking to transport temperature-sensitive products, heated vans can be a preferred option.

How to choose a suitable warehouse for your cargo?

First, we recommend you choose the nearest warehouse to your manufacturing unit. This will reduce the cost of the shipment and save your time.

If you are in a hurry to ship your products, you can go for cross-docking. Your products will be stored, sorted, labeled, and packaged with minimal handling.

If your cargo is less than truckload, companies can provide you LTL consolidation service for your cargo. LTL consolidation will save your cost. In LTL freight shipping may don’t need to pay for the whole truck.

OTT trucking transportation provides reliable transportation and warehousing distribution services for your shipments. We offer reliable less than truckload, LTL freight carriers, warehousing, and distribution services.

You are free to contact us anytime and get a free quotation.

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