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How to Become Class 1 Truck Driver in BC (British Columbia)?


Canada is seeking hiring of truck drivers, this seems an exceptional shortage. With a small population distributed across the world’s second-largest country. The country is relying on immigration to solve its employment issues. The government has predicted that over a million extra workers will be added to their economy during the next three years. There are myriad reasons why truck driving is a lucrative career in Canada.

With 55,000 empty vacancies expected in the next five years, chances of getting into this industry are higher, which has stimulated migration to Canada from various countries and eagerness to join the best Class 1 driving schools is increasing day by day. As per NHS data, the average age of truck drivers is 46 years in contrast to the age of other sorts of professionals which is 41.5 years.

Why Should you Consider Becoming a Canadian Driver?


Driving a truck can also be a fun opportunity to take in the sights of Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal as well as the countryside while passing through natural treasures such as the Rockies and their surrounding woods. There’s also a lot more social interaction than one may think as a person can take advantage of opportunities to work as a team driver, where you meet and mingle with other truckers from all over the country, or even team up with a spouse who can accompany you (and drive) over the beautiful landscapes. The trucking industry is distinct in several ways.

Requirements to Get A Class 1 Licence: –

  • Age:


You should be over 19 if you want to get a Class One licence as required by the BC (British Columbia) government.

  • Driving Experience:


You must have prior experience in driving means you must have a full-privilege driver’s licence (Class 5 or 6)

  • Driver Training:


In order to become a Class 1 truck driver, you are quired to complete MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) course.

  • No Criminal Record:


It is mandatory to have no criminal record related to driving. Regardless type of vehicle you have used on Canadian roads; penalty points regarding incidents that happened in the past 2 years in your driving record must be less than 4.

  • Fines and Debts:


All sorts of pending penalties as well as debts that are needed to be paid to ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia).

  • Medical Conditions:


Poor health conditions may prevent you from getting a Class 1 driving licence that are mentioned under: –

  • Certain types of epilepsy
  • Certain psychiatric conditions
  • Certain neurological conditions
  • Certain heart conditions
  • Certain diabetic conditions
  • Certain sleep disorders

If you have any aforementioned medical problems, this does not define your ineligibility to obtain a Class 1 driving licence. However, it is important that you disclose it during application processing time so that individual examination can be made to identify the severity of the illness.

  • Physical Disabilities:


Any sort of physical disability that you are suffering from may obstruct you from getting a Class 1 driving licence. A prosthetic device or specific vehicle modification might be required to assist you to pass the test.

The Process to Obtain Class 1 Licence: –

  • Meet Minimum Requirements:


First, you need to qualify for minimum requirements set by BC, Canada government which are mentioned above.

  • Complete Air Brake Course:


As both the tractor and the trailer are equipped with air brakes, which means you need to join an air brakes endorsement (Code 15) course before getting your Class 1 license.

For this, you need to find an approved air brake course academy like OTT Driving Academy to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to operate the air brake system. It also provides practical knowledge in air brake pre-trip and brake adjustment procedures.

The duration of the air brake course is 30-days and the person has to work with a trucking company in BC while operating on industrial roads during the course. The course provider will send you the ICBC a proficiency letter on your behalf.

  • Study for Knowledge Tests:


You will have to pass Air Brake Knowledge Test at the ICBC Driver Licensing office when you will take the Class 1 license knowledge test. You can prepare for the test online as well as offline.

  • Apply for Class 1 Licence:


You need to visit ICBC driver licensing office to apply for a Class 1 licence. You can find your nearby ICBC driver licensing office, and its cost is $60. You need to bring the following documents before visiting the office: –

  • Two pieces of ID
  • 3-year driver information and it is demanded only when you are new to BC
  • Air brakes course completion certifica

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