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Heated Van​ Transportation in Canada: Everything You Need to Know


There are several trucking companies that offer heated van transportation services in Surrey, Vancouver in Canada and protect the goods from deteriorating.

Heated van transportation services at OTT Transportation Services ensures you are receiving qualified transportation services. Our heated trailer can be equipped with a breeze lock, a ramp, and enough room for your products.

What is Heated Van Transportation?

Heated van trucking service comprises a service in which a specific temperature in the trailer containing a shipment is maintained. Heated van service can be described as a process of moving the shipment on a regular trailer with a portable heater.

When Is the Best Time to Use Heated Van Transport?

Winter is proved to be a boon for a heated van transport service for the businesses who want to provide logistics services to their consumers in Canada without destroying the cargo even after reaching the destination.

Here is is a list of some commodities that require a temperature-controlled shipping service during the winter:

1. Plants Transportation:

During winter, it is very important that plants do not get exposed to freezing weather. Plants may get spoiled during transit in the lack of heated transport.

2. Chemicals Transportation:

There are chemicals that require a specific temperature to be maintained.  Fluctuations in the temperature can generate several issues and usability loss of the products is one of them. Also, the heated van is able to maintain the life of the chemicals during transit in winter without using mixed additives to prevent these chemicals from freezing. This sort of transportation is cost-effective during the season.

3. Paint Transportation:

Paint is a water-based solvent, which is too risky to transport during the winter season due to its tendency to freeze at very low temperatures. A heated reefer trailer ensures that the paint will not freeze and not ruin its consistency.

4. Shipment of Automotive Batteries:

During winter, you will need a heated van as the battery easily gets frozen at low temperature as it has electrical connections break and in turn bending the plates.

5. Printer Ink Cartridges Transportation:

Printer Ink Cartridges can be hazardous if they freeze. Even frozen print ink cartridges can be thawed; however, the ink will not be able to re-emulsify. In addition to this, freezing of ink within the cartridges can cause the container to crack and may become the reason of leakage.

6. Beauty Products Transportation:

For beauty products transportation, the use of a heated van is necessary as extreme weather conditions will degrade the product. For example, frozen makeup during transit will be harder to apply even after thawing as the texture may already become wetter and may have some mould formation.

Benefits of Using Heated Van Transportation Over Traditional Shipping Methods:

Heated van transportation is safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective than traditional shipping methods. Heated vans are also more environmentally friendly.

Safety: Heated van transportation is safer than shipping in a conventional transport method because the transported goods are kept at a constant temperature throughout the journey. This prevents the product from freezing.

Cleanliness: Heated van transportation is more hygienic than traditional shipping methods because it does not involve the release of any pollutants.   The prime benefit of heated vans transportation is that these trucks can transport the cargo in any climate; however, this comes with the additional price as the special equipment are needed to maintain a temperature. In addition to this, heated vans also use a lot of energy, compared to traditional shipping methods, which are powered by gas or diesel and are thus more efficient.

Cost-Effectiveness: The fuel efficiency of a heated van is roughly equivalent to that of a gasoline-powered vehicle. However, heated vans also use a lot of energy, compared to conventional shipping methods, which are powered by gas or diesel and are thus more efficient.

Environmentally Friendly: Environment friendly heated vans do not produce pollution, unlike conventional shipping methods. Rather, heated vans use electricity generated from a renewable source like solar or wind power. In addition to this, there are socio-economic benefits of heated vans in terms of providing jobs and new revenue for the economy.

Trucking companies across Canada have started implementing a wide range of solutions to remove carbon emissions from their diesel, heavy-duty vehicles. Many of these practices and equipment centre around reducing fuel consumption.

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