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Guidance For Logistics Services in Canada


Canada is an important market for companies that export goods to other countries. It has the world’s 10th-largest economy and is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Canadian trade policy helps provide access to top markets, which helps foster economic growth.

There are various types of logistics services that are available like Dry van freight service, Heated vans, Less than truckload, Full truckload transportation, LTL Freight Shipping Services, etc.

Getting the best shipping rates from a trucking company for shipment can be a daunting task.

Different factors are needed to consider to get the best rates for your shipment.

If you are shipping for the first time in Canada, it might be difficult to know the suitable type of logistics service in Surrey Canada. This article will help you to take some uncertainty out of shipping internationally by providing an overview and guidance of the most common types of services.

Here is the list of Services And Related Guidance

Dry van freight service: Dry Van Freight is the best way to ship containers because it provides shipment with lower risk and higher savings. The dry van truck is driven by a professional driver. Dry Van shipping is the most popular type of trucking service in Canada. Dry Van transportation is widely used in the transportation industry because of its cost-effectiveness and ability to handle a wider range of shipments.

When is Dry Van Suitable?

Dry Vans are suitable for when the goods are not sensitive and don’t need to be refrigerated. Any company that ships items via truck can benefit from using this service because this is more efficient, and affordable than other forms of shipping options on the market today.

Heated Van Service: Heated Vans is a leading service in logistics to deliver the most reliable and efficient service to all its customers. Heated Van Services is an essential service for the transportation of sensitive goods in cold climates. Heated Vans work by transporting goods using specially designed vans with heating systems to maintain the desired temperature.

When is a Heated Van Suitable?

Some goods are more sensitive to the temperature that may include food, medicines, chemicals, etc. This type of heated van service is ideal for long-distance and winter trips.

Less Than Truckload: LTL shipments are packages that are not large enough to fill a full container. LTL transportation services are a cost-effective and green solution to shipping goods.

When is less Than Load Suitable?

LTL Trucking is usually ideal for people who need to transport goods over short distances. It is suitable when the goods are of special needs and the freight amount is less than the max load capacity of a truck.

Cross-Docking: In cross-docking, goods are transferred from one mode of transportation to another without being taken out of their original containers. Goods would be transferred from inbound trailer to outbound trailer with minimal handling. It is a less time-consuming and less expensive logistic service. Cross-docking is a supply chain management strategy.

When is Cross-Docking Service Suitable?

It is suitable if you have any time constraints like urgent delivery, last-moment deliveries, etc. Cross-docking services are suitable when there is a need for quick turnaround times and a high volume of shipments.

Trans-loading: Trans-loading is a process that takes place when products are brought from one country to another. This process is usually done if you are indulging in imports and exports. Trans-loading in Canada is done through a designated customs broker. When logistics include more than one mode of transportation is called transloading.

When is a Trans-Loading Service Suitable?

The purpose of trans-loading is to reduce the number of miles that a vehicle has traveled, and thus reduce wear and tear on both driver and vehicle. Trans-loading is suitable and recommended for long distances. It is also suitable for cross-country shipments.

LTL Consolidation: LTL consolidation is the process of consolidating smaller shipments into one larger shipment. This is done for cost-effectiveness, to combine shipments that are en route to the same destination, or for shipment consolidation to optimize space.

When is the LTL Consolidation Service Suitable?

This service can be beneficial for companies that do not have the infrastructure or money to ship their goods by themselves. It is cost-effective for small shipments. LTL consolidation combines goods from multiple shippers into a single shipment.


For a company, logistics is a crucial part of their business. The company relies on the logistics provider to deliver on time and at the best price. Factors that must be considered before selecting a logistics provider include:

What Services Are Being Offered?

Go through the services that are being offered by them. There are many kinds of services available to tackle different kinds of freight. Trucking companies in Surrey, Bc would guide you for the best suitable service for your shipments.

Where is the Service Area?

If they are having a wide reach and network or not, also need to be considered. Well, having networks with your favorable countries is necessary. Wider the network implies that the company is dealing widely in geographical areas and building a high reputation in the market.

What is the Pricing Structure?

Logistics service providers have to follow up cost-effectively. experienced and professional logistic companies in Surrey, BC are doing well and providing satisfied and worthwhile services to their clients.

How Do They Handle Customs Clearance and Border Crossings?

Service providers must be aware of the customs and regulations of the cross-countries that would help logistics companies to handle the obstacles smoothly. Being a customer you can check the market reputation of the company, how successfully they handled the border crossing.


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