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Dry Van, LTL And FTL Transportation Services

Meeting the demands of customers is the main goal of every business owner. The higher the demand in the market, indicates that the economy is flourishing means the better it is for your businesses to scale up. At this rate, business owners need to take advantage of trucking transportation services in Canada. It is an efficient way of disbursing their products, especially to far-flung regions.

Dry Van Transportation Services

A dry van is a type of truck that is completely enclosed from all four sides. Essentially, it’s a huge big box which is why it is also known as a box trailer. It can be used to ship all sorts of products from a wide number of industries making it a common type of freight transportation in Canada. Dry vans vary in size and are capable of carrying heavy cargo.

Identify your trucking services needs. What type and size of product do you want to transport? Are you in need of full truckloads or less-than-truckloads?

How to Find The Suitable

Dry Van Trucking Company to Meet your Needs?

While searching for dry van trucking services, you may end up with a variety of options, but we need to find a reputable trucking company that not only fulfills your needs but also offers quality services. In Surrey, OTT Transportation can be your best logistics partner that offers reliable dry van transportation services.

You can consider some of the following factors to find the Dry Van Trucking Company in Surrey.

Considering all the above factors and gathered information can define the suitable company for you. Do not forget to take quotations from multiple companies to take advantage of the competitive rates.

Which Industries Use It For Shipping?

Since dry vans are so versatile they are used to transport several commodities from different industries. Some of the major industries are listed below.

Non-Perishable Food Items 

Dry van shipping can be used for transporting non-perishable food and drink items. This method of transportation is best for food and drink products that do not expire quickly and are not sensitive to external temperature. 

Temperature-sensitive food and drink must be transported in temperature-controlled reefer transportation. Examples of non-perishable food items are water, crackers, cookies, certain types of juices, dry soups, and many more


This type of shipping is best for electronic items as moisture in the surrounding environment can be detrimental to electronic products. Also, electronic products are quite expensive and are often targeted by thieves but since dry vans are closed for all sides, they provide protection to them.

Consumer Goods 

Dry vans are used to transport consumer goods like cleaning products, skin care products, commercial products, etc. These products are used regularly and need to restock frequently. Most of these goods need to be protected from various external factors while transporting in addition to theft.


Dry vans are also used to transport automobiles. Various luxury and antique automobiles can be shipped through Dry vans. When you ship automobiles through an open trailer there is a risk associated with getting damaged from adverse weather conditions or from rock debris but in dry vans, they are completely protected from any potential damage.


Dry van shipping can be used to ship manufacturing and heavy machinery goods. The protection offered by dry vans can seem perfect for manufacturing equipment. 

Benefits of Dry Van Shipping Services 


Cost Effective

A dry van is a very cost-efficient method. This is because dry vans are popular and widely available. Since you don’t have to compete in a limited number of vans, your transportation cost can come at an affordable price which will ultimately benefit your business.

Theft Protection

They offer protection against theft. As dry vans are enclosed and can be easily locked and secured. It becomes extremely difficult for thieves to break into your van.

Protection Against The External Element 

Dry vans not only offer protection against theft, but they also protect your goods against external elements like rain or snow, and no moisture will get inside your truck.


Dry vans are used to ship products from a wide variety of different industries. They are substantial empty boxes with tons of possibilities.

LTL Transportation Services 

LTL or less-than-truckload shipping involves the transportation of small freight or cargo when it doesn’t require the use of an entire trailer. This method can be used when the load weighs between 150 TO 1,50,000 pounds. 

Factors that Determine LTL Shipping

Site:  Generally far the location higher will be its charges.

Dimension: The dimension and weight of the shipment determine the freight class, while directly impacting rates.

Urgency: If you need to drive your goods on an urgent basis some additional charges can be required to pay.

Type: Goods like perishable, fragile, or hazardous materials that require sensitive handling lead to higher costs.

Choosing The Right Transportation Provider For LTL Shipping

You need the right transportation provider for LTL Transportation in Surrey that offers you the following:

Consistency in Charge

If each shipment costs a completely different price then you are not associated with the right service provider.

Delivery Time

LTL shipping can be convenient but can also lead to differences in time duration depending on the cargo a right service provider will try to minimize this time duration.

Tracking the Journey

Keeping proper track of your products becomes important in LTL freight shipping. A good transportation provider will offer full transparency and enable you to track your freight through its journey.

Benefits of LTL Transportation

Reduces Costs 

In full truckload you have to bear the entire costs, LTL requires you to pay for the space you required. Each business will have to pay according to the weight of their shipment and the space they required.


Most LTL shipments are packed into Pallets before loading, one well-packaged pallet has a better chance of remaining safe and secure 

Customer Satisfaction 

With LTL shipping businesses do not need to wait for customers to place enough orders. This increases customer satisfaction without increasing costs.


It allows businesses to ship their products to multiple locations throughout the province, country and internationally making it a more flexible service. This type of shipping allows items to reach their destination faster and more efficiently without increasing costs.

Easy Tracking

LTL shipping provides businesses with real-time tracking of their Goods.

By being able to easily track your Goods, you are able to hold the accountability of the carrier giving you peace of mind.

FTL Transportation Services 

FTL refers to full truckload freight. They are the preferred method for transporting large shipments. Shippers gain exclusive access to the entire truck space up to 20000 pounds can of freight space to be acquired. 

Unlike LTL shipping, in FTL goods are transported directly from pickup to the delivery site, without stopping at other destinations. 

Who Prefers FTL Shipping? 

FTL transportation service is the best alternative for exporters who are shipping delicate or high-value cargo. FTL shipping cut down loading and unloading during the transit journey, so valuable and breakable items are kept safe and cautious.

In FTL shipping more than six pallets in one truckload are delivered. For exporters who want to deliver goods as quickly as possible, FTL Transportation in Surrey is the most preferred option. Shipments have a direct journey path from pickup to the delivery site, resulting in a reduction in transit periods.

Benefits of FTL Transportation Services